What is this about?

What is the meaning of spirituality? It is not easy to answer this question. Words are limited; the word “spirituality” points towards an ineffable experience and to its search. The experience of that which is real, of our true nature, which on being discovered reveals itself as divine.

Truth makes us free and spirituality is the experience of this freedom.

Different cultures, religions and schools use diverse expressions to refer to this experience, but there is only one experience common to all.

This common experience is “non-duality” (advaita). It underlies and is the ultimate foundation of all religions and spiritualities: Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, Judaism, Christianity, Sufism, etc.

Truth can only recognize itself, be recognized in our interior. This recognition is instantaneous but needs to be put into practice. After this recognition, in a spontaneous and gradual way, a process of realignment of our body-mind takes place till it becomes a faithful instrument for the celebration of truth.

Usually this recognition is easier in the presence of a human teacher. A spiritual teacher is someone who consciously abides in his real nature; the presence in the teacher resonates with the presence in us facilitating this recognition and its stabilisation, a process that has no end.

Coming back home.

In 2001 I met my teacher Francis Lucille, a teacher in the Advaita Vedanta tradition, a disciple of Jean Klein. In his presence I realized the truth that I had, unconsciously, been looking for all my life. I came back home.

Since then I continue seeing my teacher and exploring this truth from different perspectives.